TWO POINT CAPITAL All Equity vs. Stock Market Indices

Cumulative Performance: 1999 – 2016

From our inception in 1999 through December 31, 2016, we outperformed the Russell 3000 Index by more than 40%, and outperformed the S&P 500 Index by more than 50%, even after subtracting our 1% (or less) management fee.

cumulative returns
Two Point Performance Key

Long-term Annualized Performance: 1999 – 2016

Our portfolio performance as presented in standard industry increments: over the last year, over the last three years, over the last five years, and since our inception in 1999.

Long-term annualized resultsTwo Point Performance Key

Gross returns are presented after transaction costs but before management fees. An initial client account of $1,000 would have grown at a compound annual rate of 9.0% and become $4,677 before fees during the 18 years presented. A 1% annual fee, withdrawn quarterly, would reduce the compound annual rate of return to 7.9% and the ending account value to $3,906. Past performance is no guarantee of future results. Individual investor results will vary. Performance results may be materially affected by market and economic conditions.

Transparency is one of our key values

We meet with our clients on an annual basis for a comprehensive review of their investments. We regularly post our consolidated results on our website.

In addition, all of our client funds are held by separate third-party custodians, which send monthly reports directly to each client. We have the authority to purchase and sell securities on your behalf, but we have no authority to remove funds from your account without your written approval.

Download a PDF of the current performance report.