The Two Point Investment Approach is based on the synergy created when the concepts of value and quality are both applied to investing. To qualify for a Two Point Portfolio, companies must have the qualities most relevant to long-term growth—qualities recognized and rewarded over time by investors—and be selling at a price below their current value.

Two smart ideas are made stronger when they’re combined. That’s our experience of value and quality, based on 30 years of investing. Our investment discipline is robust yet flexible enough to be effective in changing economic and financial conditions.

First, an inclusive approach to opportunity

The approach incorporates a careful and detailed analysis of the myriad factors that determine a company’s quality and value. This approach means we can consider a broad range of securities investments. We are not limited by the strict style biases found within firms pledging to invest only on the basis of growth, or momentum, or value, or high quality.

In our search for investment opportunities, we consider companies in all industries, and companies considered to be small, medium, or large capitalization.

As a result of our broad approach—including a balance of industries and market capitalizations—and our long-term focus, we believe that the benchmark most appropriate to our performance is a full market cycle of the Russell 3000 Index.

Next, a rigorous focus on individual companies

Using strict quality metrics, we then narrow down the list of opportunities to begin thorough research on each viable candidate.

Our research is “bottoms-up” or company-specific, analyzing each potential investment individually. We assess the relationship between each stock’s value and quality as we make determinations about whether to include it in client portfolios.

We don’t decide, for instance, that now is the time to make a play in energy stocks; if an energy company meets our inclusion criteria, we then assess it on its own individual merits to determine if “this” energy company makes the grade.

Over time, continuous and proactive portfolio improvement

Once a stock has been added to the portfolio, we continuously evaluate its value/quality relationship. Although any stock in the portfolio is one we would be comfortable holding for the long term, we do not hesitate to replace it with a stock with a superior value/quality relationship.

We also maintain a steady assessment to keep an optimum relationship between value and quality at the portfolio level.

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