~ important questions demand thoughtful contemplation ~

Reasoned, thoughtful investment decisions. Of course.

You have never been one to run with the pack or fall back on the formulas. That’s why you see movies at The Little. And that’s why we think the Two Point Capital Management approach will make perfect sense to you—it brings depth, clarity, and an originality of thought to how your your financial assets are managed.

If you’d like to feel more confident that your portfolio being managed by a professional with that kind of sensitivity—and to a strategy rather than a checklist of commissioned products—then we think you’ll find it valuable to talk to us.

“Beware of geeks bearing formulas.”

— Warren Buffet

What makes Two Point Capital different

  • True investment management, not a pre-packaged product or broker selling you someone else’s service
  • Extensive and continous knowledge about what’s in your portfolio, because we put it there, one stock or bond at a time
  • Proprietary Value+Quality™ approach maximizes two time-tested philosophies and is designed to deliver performance in good times and in bad
  • Original bottoms-up research into the companies we invest in
  • Your portfolio calibrated to your goals and risk tolerance, so you can sleep at night
  • 16-year audited track record of results
  • Straightforward, fee-only compensation

Are we the right fit?

You run your life, and your career or business on a clear strategy. One that’s grounded in values for stability, with foresight and flexibility to meet changing circumstances with agility and purpose. That’s how we run your investment portfolio.

Most clients of Two Point Capital are looking for a direct relationship with an investment manager who is a Chartered Financial Analyst® (CFA®), want an investment strategy they can have confidence in over the long term, and have $1 million or more in investable funds. Sound like you? We would welcome the opportunity to meet with you.

There is no cost or obligation, and we will never share your contact information with anyone.


Let’s connect

Want to learn more about the power of bringing deep human intelligence to the market? Tell us how to reach you and we’ll be in touch to set up a time to talk.

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